6 quick tips to win over the employees of your clients as a B2B service provider.

As a B2B service provider, it can be difficult winning over the hearts of the employees of your clients.

Your client’s employees are the key to your success. Winning them over is essential. You won’t make any progress if they aren’t on your side. If your client’s employees aren’t happy. You will likely lose that client.

The employees of your clients often know what the company needs help with. Especially if they have been there for a while. Although you may not always make decisions that are exactly what they want. Here are 6 tips to have a positive relationship with your client’s employees.

  1. Get to know every employee you possibly can by their first name.

The size of the company you are working with will decide how easy this part is. People can tell when you are making an honest effort to get to know them. It always helps to take notes on each time you work with them and also send a quick write up of the conversation to the boss to summarize what progress you made working with the person.

  1. Find out why they started working there.

Everybody is busy. There is simply no way to escape the fact that as time goes on, we can lose touch with the reason behind why we made lasting decisions. The more you can find out why someone wanted to take a certain path and really dive deep into why their work means so much to them. There is a good chance they have valuable information for helping both of you achieve the goals set forth with you working with that company.

  1. Ask them what changes they want to see.

It’s a fact! People care most about what affects them. Find out what tasks and hardships they are having on a daily basis that you can help them with. It helps to set an expectation, and by helping them, you start a cycle of reciprocity. The more your client’s employees like you and trust that you have their best interest in mind. The more helpful they will be towards you enacting changes. 

  1. Show honest appreciation for their help.

There is a solid chance that at some point. They will dedicate a decent amount of time to something that needs to be done because you are changing something. Be grateful and make a point to thank who ever is involved and brag about their efforts to your client(their boss) when they do a good job. It will really show to both the owner and the employees that you care about having a beneficial relationship for everyone.

  1. Find the “Why” of every individual employee you work with.

Everyone wakes up with a purpose. Whether they know it or not. After talking to a countless number of prospects and their employees about what motivates them and gets them out of bed in the morning, I can say that everyone wants goes to work for a reason. Find out their reason and help them realize that you want to help them achieve that reason. Change is difficult. It isn’t quite as scary when people can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. Be a resource.

Make it clear to them(and the owner) that you are available to help and want to help. If you don’t put yourself in a situation to be open and available to them. They will go to their boss with issued(which is ok) that you might not be aware of. Make sure that they feel they can openly communicate with you about what is going on and what they need help with. 

I hope this article was helpful to you and that you can have happy working relationships with the employees of your clients. They hold the key to your success. You aren’t their boss and will have a hard time getting them to do anything if they don’t like you and look at you as an expert.

Until next time!

Ian Almasi

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The Value of Understanding Your Customer


You know that feeling when some just “Gets You”. 

It’s nice, isn’t it? 

The feeling of mutual understanding between peers, friends, and family members has been a driving force in the modern business world and the foundation of human advancement for millenia. Would you agree? I’m positive you do.

As businesses grow and evolve things like this seem to matter more and more. Having prospects or customers that seem to shy away from purchasing your product or service can feel frustrating. Your dream isn’t being understood in the way that you feel about it. Your heart and soul has gone into creating something that you have full belief in. I think you can relate to when a customer doesn’t see the value in what you are providing to the marketplace.

As frustrating as it may be, the old expression the customer is always right comes to mind. Although that expression may not always seem accurate. Regardless, The customer needs to feel right to make the purchase. Which is where you, the business owner, can get paid for your hard work. How do you make a customer feel like they want what you have to offer.

Simple, design your offer around them.

This might be easier said than done. So let’s go over a few first steps to having a well designed product offer.

  1. Describe your offer in the customer’s words – To any of you that have kids. You know that explaining quantum physics to a 5 year old won’t get you anywhere. So use their logic to your advantage. Describe your offer in their words in a way that they already understand things
  2. Don’t use industry jargon – For those of you that love to work on cars or invest in real estate, your vocabulary is unique compared to others. Not everyone will understand your niche specific vocabulary. And this is something I really struggled with when I started Pilchuck Media. Not everyone thinks in terms of conversions and click through rates. Usually the reason they need someone’s help is a different skill set and way of thinking. But serve it to them in a way they can digest it.
  3. Ask why people did or didn’t buy from you – No one closes 100% of the deals, customers, or prospects they come across. If they did, sales wouldn’t be such a sought after skill set. With the advent of social media, people are becoming a lot more real with how they approach marketing and sales. It’s ok to have an honest conversation with people who didn’t buy from you. Once you drop the act and get real with them, they might see you differently and feel better about moving forward or you may have some really good feedback on what you offer the marketplace. 
  4. Survey your audience – Don’t be afraid to ask people to fill out a quick survey on how they feel about what you offer. This should be your first step when creating a new product. Go on Kickstarter and ask yourself. “How many products were made on this website with me in mind?” My 5 favorite questions to ask on a survey are 👇
    1. What is your #1 when it comes to [YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE]?
    2. What is your biggest roadblock in achieving that goal?
    3. What is the #1 thing you want to learn about [YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE]?
    4. What is your #1 fear when it comes to [YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE]?
    5. Name 3 things you want to learn about [YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE]?
  5. Be a real person – Do you customers feel like they can talk to you? Be honest with yourself. You don’t need to be buddy buddy with everyone that walks through your door. However, be approachable.

That’s all for now!

Thanks for reading!

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